About Us

The University of Minnesota is fortunate to own a world class meteorite collection. Housed within Pillsbury Hall, the University's meteorite collection consists of a wide variety of 119 specimens, many of which are museum quality. The collection was first cataloged in 1892. Many of the specimens come from generous donations to the university, or are on loan to the university by the Smithsonian museum. Samples in our collection originate from all corners of the world. A small fraction of the most eye-catching samples are on public display within the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, but the vast majority of the collection is housed in locked metal cabinets, which means that the collection receives very little use by students and researchers. This website aims to increase the visibility and accessibility of the meteorite collection by documenting all of the specimens. This meteorite collection is meant to be an active tool for teaching, research, and natural history outreach.

We're still in the early stages of production, so feedback about using and improving the site is appreciated! Click the "Contact Us" tab to find our contact info.

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